I miss 41 yrs has been suffering from pocs since my teenage with heavy flow for 10 days… Off,… Facing problem of body and facial hair, excess weight,  water recitation,  insulin resistance.. Bla bla..
I had taken hormones for approx..  10 yrs. But it left side effects on my body.  I discontinued my treatment… All pics system flooded back, sometimes I felt depression for this.
Two months earlier,  I came to know through FB about furocyst capsules.  I already knew the effect and benefit of fenugreek for pcos.  But due to my taste buds,  no longer could be continued..
When I found this magical ✨power in capsule, immediately rushed to get this one
I am taking this… Not much… But little bit,  for MC I felt some good change… 
Waiting for big change,  that will take gradually… I miss sure about that… Ordering for my next magical bottle. 
Thanks furocyst team